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As pioneers in Brazil, we use our creativity and business intelligence to transform the complex language of technology into campaigns with clear and engaging messages through storytelling and design.

The Techmarketing Agency.

HIP is a full-service marketing consulting, content development, and digital design agency that helps technology companies improve lead generation, conversion rates, and brand awareness.

We turn the impossible into possible by simplifying technical language and creating human messages that are easy to understand and engaging. At HIP, commitment and adaptability are our guiding principles. Our team of technology enthusiasts, storytelling experts, and designers is always ready to help you achieve your goals.

Brazilian Creativity and Operations throughout Latin America and the United States.

What we do.

ABM and ABX Campaigns

We are pioneers in implementing Account-Based Experience (ABX) campaigns. A revolutionary strategy that puts the customer at the center. We bring together sales and marketing to provide hyper-personalized experiences, boosting businesses, and nurturing relationships in B2B companies. With HIP, you discover the true synergy between ABM and CXM, resulting in an exceptionally positive customer experience.

Videos and Animations

We enhance the art of video production with a unique methodology, understanding that videos can be your strategic partners in a rapidly changing world. Our approach begins with understanding your objectives, crafting an engaging script, and bringing it to life through animations or filming, always respecting your budget, deadlines, goals, and audience profile.

High-Impact Presentations

Using storytelling techniques, market intelligence, and strategic design, our presentations tell stories, create connections, and evoke emotions. We turn simple PowerPoint presentations into powerful communication tools, increasing your chances of success in crucial moments.

Storytelling and Content

We master the art of storytelling and B2B content. We believe that our deep understanding of technology and marketing, coupled with the contributions of experienced professionals from our team, such as former CIOs and VP of Sales from IT services, sets us apart from other agencies. With practical experience and authentic knowledge, we make the content journey more agile, efficient, and comprehensible.

Events and Experiences

We reinvent the concept of events, transforming them from mere gatherings into unforgettable and innovative experiences. We recognize the profound significance of bringing people together, and thus, we challenge ourselves to go beyond the limits of conventional events. Each HIP event is a reflection of our commitment to creating deep connections and impactful moments.


We believe exceptional design is much more than aesthetics - it is the bridge between the brand and the customer. By aligning powerful design with captivating digital content, we transform how brands interact with their audiences, driving results and optimizing resources.


Our unique approach has brought us closer to the biggest technology companies on the planet, and we are deeply honored and grateful to work with brands such as:

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